Re-upholstering furniture is the original Green

It makes sense to re-claim, re-use and then re-lax.

Jane Bishop

My medium is fibers, cloth that is hand dyed and designed. My frames are furniture- vintage and antique, pillows, bed headboards, anything I can apply my hand made fabrics over creating one-of-a-kind home furnishings. Each piece is unique. Each piece is a recycled sculpture. I use a fiber-reactive dye that actually bonds with the fibers of natural fibers like silk, linen, cotton, rayon, and hemp. I make silk-screens, stencils, and stamps with my hand drawn designs, mixing one with another. Vintage, hand-woven and embroidered textiles may also be incorporated in the piece adding surprise elements to my creations. Reupholstering Furniture is the original Green.

Each piece of furniture is unique. I design the fabric for the chair. My choice of color is very important in my designs. It is intuitive. I do not go by what is in style. I love to add a pop of contrasting color in my trim or piping. I have always loved textiles and fabrics and have a big collection of my own. I sometimes will use one of my special pieces of vintage or embroidered fabrics in a chair or pillow. Most of my work is custom. I work with clients on designing something special for their home.

It makes sense to re-claim, re-use and then re-lax.

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